Monday, 20 October 2008

There's no place like home !

Yeahh, Miewmie came and signed my welease papers from pwison today. She said the bail costs were furry expensif (£126) but I'm worth it !!! I haf spent all day checking effurything, just to make sure its as I left it. Miewmie hadn't unpacked cos after her 12 hour flight from Shanghai she said she was a bit tired, so when I arrived home, there were many many strange new smells in the suitcase to investigate. Admittedly, some were miewmie's clothes but the rest were furry exotic and fings I haf nefer smelled before. Miewmie bought me a pwesent all the way from China....some little packets of beef, which taste furry declicous but miewmie said I can only haf one per day in case they haf lots of salt in them.

Miewmie had a wonderful time and took nearly 800 picsures. Can you believe that ? She found a 6 week old tortie kitten in one place wondering into the road. He had some ribbon round his neck so had gotten loose from someplace. Miewmie took him to the gweengwocer shop, near where she found him. She hopes they looks after him.

Thank you all my fwends who sent me messages and teleported oveer to keep my company. It made my sentence pass that bit qwicker and I weely appweciate it. Miewmie is still a bit fatigued after her long journey but she just wanted to let you know we are both home again and all is well.