Monday, 29 September 2008

I am sulking

I am not talking to miewmie. I am sulking. On thursday, I will be stuffed into my PTU and whisked off to the cat hotel, aka pwison. It is furry impawtant that miewmie is left in no doubt about my serious displeasure at this pwospect. I will not be weleased until the 20th October which is a furry long time away. Please come ofer when I get back and we will celebwate my welease. Last time miewmie bought back some delicshous yak meat (cos she went to Tibet) so I can pwomise you some interwesting culinary delights. Pleeze fink of me while my miewmie swans about China won't you ? Fanks guys.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Medsin in China

Medsin in China. This is the name of my miewmie's tour to China. I don't know why she wants to go all that way to look at bits of trees, leafs and berries and fings. We got a stack of them in the garden, but miewmie says they is different in China.
This lady is a Tranditional Chinese Medicine doctor in a small town clinic. As well as lots of special herbs and suspicious looking fings, she also can pwescribe western medsin. She must be furry clever to do that. Miewmie will be visiting soms big hospitals in Shanghai and Beijing. Thats all very well, but meantime I shall be languishing in kitty prison. Ahhh, poor me.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

CAT WHAT ?????? What did you say miewmie?

My miewmie just said CAT HOTEL. You know what that means don't you. Its mean I'm headed for a spell of incarceration while she goes to that place called China. I am seriously not happy at this prospect...not at all. No mouses, no fwogs to chase. No gwass to eat, no doing my 'business' outside in my loverly garden. Worst of all, I won't be able to patwol my terry tory and invaders may come in. Just as disastwus is the fact that I won't get any special tweets to eat. No brwushing, no cuddles, no kisses etc etc. You get the idea. Wholesale deprivation for TWO hole weeks. I only haf anofer week of fweedom before this calamatous event takes place. You will all come and see me in prison won't you, and don't forget to conceal some nip when you come.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Pssst, wanna see a mouse?

Yep, I got me anofer mousie !! We played for a while in the sun. I taught him how to do some sumersaults and fings. I fink he enjoyed our little game.

Alas, real mouses are so fragile compared to our toy mouses. One or two bats, a few sumersaults, and they ded themselves. If you look carefully you will see that there is no evidence that I efen touched him ! Not a mark, zilcho. He was furry cute though don't you think? Thanks for the fun mousie.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

My pink tongue

Firstly, a belated BIG thankyou to Chica and Pumucki and Kellycat for my wonderful awards. It was very thoughtful of you to nominate me and I weely appweciate them. Yeahhhhh. Two awards guys, yeahhhh.
I thought you might like to see my cute pink tongue. When I am washing my beautiful firs, miewmie often says 'give me a kiss Aoise' and I lick her face with my tongue. That makes her furry happy.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The last summer sun

This is me in my garden enjoying to what amounted to only the second day of sun this summer ! Naturally, I had to take advantage of this rare phenomenon and bask and nap away. I was feeling so good that I even allowed miewmie the privilege of laying on MY sunlounger in the garden.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Meet my panda fwend

This is Pandy and he came all the way from China. My miewmie bought him for me when she went to see some real pandas in Chengdu. She even saw baby pandas in incubators but wasn't allowed to take fotos so I can't show you one. Panda is OK but he speaks chinese so I don't understand him. Miewmie is learning chinese but pandy isn't too impressed with her command of the language so far and pretends he doesn't know what she is saying. Miewmie is going to China AGAIN in a few weeks so Pandy and I will be all on our ownio. I wonder who she will bring back this time ?

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Can you see me ?

If you look furry closely I think you might just be able to see me. You probly think I am in a big jungle but its really only my garden. Its just that miewmie has gone a bit cwazy with big plants. It makes hunting mouses and fwogs a lot of fun. It also means I can hide from miewmie when I want to. This is a good game to play when its dark cos then miewmie can't see me. ha ha ....

Monday, 1 September 2008

Forget it meiwmie !

This is me on MY sunlounger. Miewmie has long given up any rights of ownership or access. In this foto I am licking my beautiful white puddies nice and clean. Miewmie was owtside when she took this foto and to make sure she wasn't harbouring any thoughts of lying on my sunlounger in the garden, I am giving her my 'forget it' look.