Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jungle cat

This is me in my very own jungle. Do you think I look like a fierce hunter? I am listening out for critters and watching for any unusual movement. This is what our big cat cousins do I think. My best catch to date has been several mouses all in one day when we had a famly of them living under the shed. That was SUCH fun. I am hoping that enough of them survived to start another famly so I can have more fun this year!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

my catmint patch

My catmint patch is on the right of this picture about harf way down. Its not easy to see cos miewmie has so many other planty things growing as well. It survived the winter and is now growing beautifully. Sometimes, miewmie picks some and then puts it on the path. I will then roll all over the path and get the wonderful aroma in my beautiful furs. Miewmie hoped that the catmint would deter me from eating the ornamental gwass...still only 3" tall.. ha ha. Now why is that I wonder ?? ummm. Dunno.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pretending to read

This is me pretending that I can read as I try and work out what it says on the side of the box. Apparently it says 'best before'. Best before what ? Does that make any sense to you? Anyway, it didn't detwact from the fun I had sniffing it, exploring it and jumping in it. I prefer weely stwong large paper bags though. Eventually, miewmie dismantled the box and put it out for re-cycling. How do you cycle a box? The hooman world is very perplexing at times don't you think?

Monday, 4 May 2009

where d'you go?

This rather unflattering pichur is of me hunting in my garden. I was stalking a critter, some kind of bug thing and then it hidded itself under one of miewmie's plants. I waited a long time but it didn't come owt and then I got bored.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

my clever miewmie

This is the quarterly newsletter of Master Travel, the company that miewmie has twice travelled to China with, the last time was for a tour called 'Medicine in China' last October. My miewmie entered the foto competition and while she didn't win, her photo is on the fwont page. Its the baby all dressed up on the back of a bicycle. Miewmie took this one morning in a Beijing park. She thinks it was his/her birthday and his mummy had brought him to the park specially for some birthday photos ! Little does she know that her baby's foto (miewmie asked permission to take this) is now all over the world ! The winning entry, that of a Tibetan monk lighting yak butter candles was taken by a fellow tour member !