Sunday, 23 August 2009

Do I look big to you?

The v-e-t said on fryday (when I went for my woutine worming and flee tweetment) that I am " a bit too heavy". Reely? I am a slim 4.9kg. Worse than that, he said miewmie should give me 10% less fud. I will starve and fade away to nothing and will have no stwength. How much is 10% anyway? It sounds far too much to me. I am a mighty mouser and I need my stwength incase a mousie pops out to play. Sorry Mr v-e-t but no do.

Monday, 17 August 2009

No mouses

I'm very dissapointed. I've been waiting for some mouses to come out and play but there have been none. Not one. Maybe its cos I was such a good mouser last year and there's none left. Awhh. Life is dull with no little furry critters to chase and play with. I spose I'll just have to relive those wonderful days last year when I caughted 4 mouses all in one day ! That was cat heaven.