Friday, 23 October 2009

Autumn palette and puppy dog

Don't you think I look stunningly beautiful amoung all the autumn leaves? This ivy belongs to our neighbour across the road and I like sitting in it at this time of year as I look so picturesque.
Anyway, enough about me and my loveliness...for a moment or two anyway.

Miewmie met this puppy dog and his mummy when she was in Medjugorje earlier in the month. They lived in the pansion where miewmie was staying. Mummy dog loved to be cuddled and puppy dog just wanted to play. When miewmie was coming home, she left behind an old slipper so that he would have something to play with. Miewmie says they were adorable ! Well, I'm not too impressed with that statement as at the time I was here home all alone, all by myself. She even picked up a kitten which is quite a feat as most are semi-feral. She only slipped that one out when she thought Iwasn't listening. Hmmph. And I thought I was the love of her life !!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Miewmie is home !

Miewmie is back from her holiday ! Yay ! It has been a very long week for me and I refused to eat my whiskas food but miewmie says I don't look any slimmer ! Miewmie got a sun tan so she looks helfy even though she has a bad cold. She keeps sniffling all over the place so I am giving her warm healing cuddles to make her better. The good noos is that she has to save lots of pennies before she can go away again !!