Sunday, 22 February 2009

Awards and the London Fashion show

I am the proud recipient of 3, yes 3 awards. My good fwend Beethoven nominated me for the Friends award. Then Castle Diva gave me the Proximity award and finally, Hansel gave me the Honest scrap award. Apologies for the delay in posting this good noos but miewmie has been furry busy wot with one fing and anofer. Yesterday, she was at The London Fashion Show. Imagine that, my miewmie who knows nothing about fashion ! Anyway, she was part of a large gang who went to support 'Romeo Pires' make their debut cos they are family. She felt a bit old amoung all the beautiful young people !!!

Back to more impawtant awards. The Honest scrap award says I have to post 10 honest fings about me. Well, as you can imagine, this has needed careful consideration. Anyway here goes:
1- When I stwetch out full length, I feel the need to follow this by immediately licking my posterior.
2- When miewmie shakes my paw, my wiskers go up and down.
3- When miewmie yawns, I yawn and vice versa.
4- I like to lick the gwavy off my dinner
5- I chase mouses
6- Sometimes I looses the mouses in the house.
7- I have a weely tiny sqeek of a miaow.
8- If its raining at the back door, I insist on checking the fwont door to see if its raining there too.
9- I scwatch the carpets. Miewmie gets furry cwoss when I do this.
10-I like to inspect all cupboards and wardrobes, every day if possible.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

In la-la land

This is me in la-la land. Actually, I am sitting on the windowledge soaking up all the heet comming owt of the wadiator. Miewmie says she is paying for heat to get lost in my beautiful furs ! Whatever ! This is almost as good as a good catnip twip. Hey, was that a pink elephant just flew by ???

Friday, 6 February 2009

Aoise 4 eyes

This is a bad foto miewmie, I don't like it so pleeze don't put it on my bloggy page. Too late. I look like I haf 4 eyes !! Miewmie would like to reassure effuryone that she was very sober when she took this and had only been dwinking tea and taking 'over the counter' medicines for her cough/cold/floo. Hmm. I don't know what they put in those medcins for beans !! Maybe the list of horrible things that can happen to you says something about 4 eyes ??

Monday, 2 February 2009

Whats this?

Look, my garden is full of white stuff. Miewmie is hoping that even more white stuff will fall owt of the sky so she can build a snowman, whatever that is ! I ventured owt but my puddies got very cold so I wushed straight back indoors. I don't think I like this white stuff.