Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Looking after miewmie

My miewmie hasn't been too well recently, hence the lack of bloggy updates. She has inflammation on both lungs and is taking antibiotics so I have been very busy looking after her. Can you see my attentive expression in this foto? I make sure she gets lots of fizzio by having to get up and feed me, let me out the fwont door and so on. I also sometimes sit on her chest when she is in bed. I think that will help her lungs get better.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Resting my eyes

No, I'm not weely asleep, I'm just resting my eyes. Weely I am. Grretta kindly gave me the 'Kreativ blogger' award and I have to list 6 things that make me happy. Well, thats easy: mouses, dinner with lots of gwavy, snoozing on top of the wadiator (like in this foto), big big paper bags, having miewmie rub my tummy, waking miewmie up in the very early hours just to tell her I love her.
Dennis also makes me happy. He has sent me thwee posts and said nice things in them.