Sunday, 25 January 2009

My miewmie

Miewmie said I could choose a pichur of her to put on my bloggy page so I chose this one. This was taken when miewmie was in Beijing last October and I was in prison. See the pichur of the man behind miewmie on the wall, his name was Chairman Mao. Did you know that mao (first tone) in Chinese means 'cat'. Thats really the reason I chose this foto but don't tell miewmie I said that.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Thinking pussy cat thoughts

This is me on MY sunlounger in the conservatory. You can see I am lying on a fweece gillet which was once Miewmie's. Everything in my house was once Miewmie's but she has graciously conceeded that I am the rightful owner of whatever takes my fancy. I do lots of napping on this fweece and think deep pussycat thoughts, like, where do the stars go in the daytime? Where have all the flowers gone? Why are there no mouses to play with? So you can see, I am constantly pre-occupied with these furry impawtant qwestshuns. Is it any wonder that I need
lots of nap time. I am not just lying here looking beautiful and gorgeous.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Mr sunshine, where are you ?

Here I am waiting patiently for a sunbeam to fall across my beautiful furs. Alas, no sunbeam, only cold, fwosty wefer. Nothing for it I guess, but to go and lie on Miewmie's bed and take a long nap until Mr sunshine comes back.