Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Its my GOTCHA day !!

This is me looking out of the window and reflecting on the wonderful 5 years I have spent with my miewmie. She came and gotted me on New Year's eve 2003. I was in a 'foster home' along with a woofie (I liked him) and lots of other orphan kitties. For the first couple of months I stayed indoors, until I had been 'done', had my vaccinations and the cat flap had been fitted. Life is great here with my miewmie. We live a very quiet existence together except for my mad moments when I race up and down the stairs for no purpose ! I know my first 6 months of life were not happy but I can hardly remember them now. It all seems a very long time ago. Thankyou miewmie for adopting me and thankyou Jeanine (from Second Chance Rescue) for finding such a lovely miewmie for me. If any of you beans out there are thinking of giving a kittie a home, please consider a wescue kitty. There are so many of us who need loving homes.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Miewmie's elf hat

This is me on miewmie's bed posing with her elf hat. She boughted it speshially for when she goes carol singing at the hospital on Christmas eve. I think she will fwighten the patients wearing it ! ha ha. She wanted me to wear it for this foto but I put my paw down and said no...I have some pride you know and I will not be seen in close proximity to a cheap imitation allegedly elf hat. She only paid 99p for it. It shows doesn't it ?

Sunday, 14 December 2008

A ship's cat

This is supposed to be a ship's cat. Huh, I'm not fooled for one minute. Miewmie bought him at the International Festival of the Sea held here in Portsmouth a few years ago. Miewmie says you can tell he is a ship's cat cos he is wearing a life jacket. Really. I don't think life on the high seas was very kind to him do you? Look at him, all srwuffy and bedwagled looking.
Miewmie calls him Horatio. Well I think he should hurry atio back to his ship !! ha ha

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Comfy on the stairs

This is me all stwetched out harf way up the stairs. This photo makes me look weely slim don't you think? My beautiful furs look lovely against the rust coloured carpet too I think. Miewmie says I have 'mischief' in my eyes. Wubbish. There's only pure innocence and love and harmony and twanquility. Me ...mischief? Never.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Toasted feeties

In the wintertime I love to squash my svelt body on the windowledge (you can see I have to compete with a fake bamboo plant and a foto of a fwend of miewmies...I never liked him) and lay my feeties over the radiator. It gets so hot that I have to keep swapping them over. Miewmie says I'm daft and that I'll end up with burnt puddies. Come on miewmie, I do have something between my furry ears !!!