Sunday, 27 April 2008

I luff sitting near the radiator


Aoise said...

This is Aoise's mummy here leaving Aoise her first comment. You are a silly girl cos one day you will burn your pink puddies !!

Barbara said...

Hi Aoise,

Welcome to the blogosphere! You're mummy will be thinking of you all the time she's gone and will be looking SO forward to seeing you.

yes, don't burn yourself! that would really hurt.

Buddy's mom

Emma's Kat said...

Hi Aoise! Welcome to the blogosphere!! I found you at the Cat Blogosphere and Emma is so happy to meet another tuxie like her! Hope your miewmie has a great trip and don't worry, she is probably missing you more than you miss her! Hope to see u around!

-Emma's Kat(the human), Emma (the kitty), Benji, Marley & Sammie (the woofie) :)