Sunday, 21 December 2008

Miewmie's elf hat

This is me on miewmie's bed posing with her elf hat. She boughted it speshially for when she goes carol singing at the hospital on Christmas eve. I think she will fwighten the patients wearing it ! ha ha. She wanted me to wear it for this foto but I put my paw down and said no...I have some pride you know and I will not be seen in close proximity to a cheap imitation allegedly elf hat. She only paid 99p for it. It shows doesn't it ?


Parker said...

It's a cute elf hat and I salute your Mommy for making sick people smile!

Tesla and Hansel said...

dat iz furry kyoot. Yoo shud wear it an go wif mommeh ta hospitals.


Cat with a garden said...

That is furry sweet of your mom (the singing, not trying to put that hat on your head)! We wish you a Merry Christmas, Aoise!
Siena & Chilli

Daisy said...

I'll bet she looks cute in the elf hat!

Anonymous said...

ink it is how much you pay for something, it is how you wear it :)
I bet you Momma looks extra cute in it and brings lots of smiles to the patients faces :)
I thinks you should have at least tried it on ;)


T'Abby Normal said...

You know, we didn't even notice the hat because of your own shining presence there. What else is important?

Abby & Stygia

Everycat said...

Oh aoise you do make us chuckle sweetie, we think you are totally right about the hat! Your Mum is very sweet to go carol singing for the poorly folks

Whicky Wuudler

Tracey and Huffle said...

I think she paid too much! 99p is about 2 million Australian dollars though.

Huffle Mawson

Kiddo said...

I think it's a nice hat. But I wouldn't wear it either! I am not a fan of wearing things!

castle diva said...

It's good to set boundaries and let the humans know what is and isn't acceptable.

By the way, we're no longer sharing Mom's blog at "seriously amused" and now have our own. In the new year, she'll be likely using the old one as her photo blog.

Have a happy Monday!
Ms. P and Cinza

The Crew said...

It's not the cost of the hat,'s your self respect! Even if it cost squillions, you should never wear something that detracts from your beauty.

Merry Christmas to you & your family

The Crew

Everycat said...

Just dropped by to say:-

We wish you both a Very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Good will to all living things!

Whicky Wuudler & Family

Cliff and Olivia said...

Merry Christmas!

Cliff & Olivia

Boy n Beethoven said...

Mewwy Chwistmas fwom us both! We've been doing a wittle teweporting awound since mine Mummy is not awound, and I think this will at weast stop That Thing fwom cwying for a while.


(nudges 'Oven) say something!

Oh...sniff sniff...Merry Christmas! sniff sniff...


Chesney Cats said...

Merry Christmas!!

Grrreta said...

Your miewmie is so sweet to go caroling at the hospital. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!!!
We hope it was pawsome and fun :)

Purrs Mickey,Georgia and Tillie

Angus Mhor said...

Your mommie goes to sing in hospital to the sick people? How very kind of her! I hope they are all cheered by her joy!

Happy Christmas, Aoise!

Fidelma & Gillian said...

Hi Aoise, dis is Cally Custer from Ireland. Me hopes you don't mind a likkle bichon doggie being your friend. I kinda like doin' d same tings as you, like stretchin' out on a step of d stairs, or lying on mommy's bed (i tink u met moi mommy Malena in Medju.!) I wondered what did Santa bring to u. He bringed me nuffin' but den i don't weally bodder wif him! And i don't no what mousies are! But i hope u hav a gud new year with them!

Aoise said...

Hi Cally Custer. It was weely kind of you to visit my bloggy page. I twied to return the visit but it said blogger profile not available so I hope you reads this. I had a luxurious fweecy crinkly bag for Christmas plus some tempashuns ! Yummy. Miewmie was furry busy ofer Christmas but she didn't go to that place called Medj this time and stayed home with me ! I hope you call back and see me again. please say hello to your mummy and Gillian from my miewmie.