Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I haf been tagged

My friend Stormie has tagged me to join in a fun game. I am new to this tagging/bloggy thingy so please be patient wif me if I don't get it qwite wite.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?
Well, as I am only about 5 I can't answer that one. I was even a twinkle in anyone's eyes. Efen my ancestors were probably not efen twinkles efer.

2) What are the 5 things on my 'to do' list today
-keep a lookout for pidgins
-try and spot that new Bengal (Tiger) cat. I'm not sure how big he is and maybe I need to be scairt.
-see if I can move that objekt that Miewmie has put behind the toylet so that I can't hide under de barf

3) Snacks I enjoy:
chick hen tweets
fish tweets

4) Fings I would do if I was a billionaire
-give Miewmie some money so she can visit China this year
-buy Miewmie a weely small car that is too small to take my PTU
- gif money to Second Chance Rescue cos they wescued me and found me this lufferly new home

5) 3 of my bad habits
I had to fink weely hard about this cos I am soo good. Anyway, Miewmie says
-I scwatch the rugs and carpits
- I hide behind the barf and make lots of noyse
-I run in and out of my catflap in the early morning and wake all of Portsmouth

6) 5 places I haf lived
In a flat in Leigh Park
In a foster home in Portsmouth
In my forefer home in Portsmouth

7) Jobs I have had
Miewmie used to work but efen she doesn't do dat anymore. Now she is home all day wif me. My job is to luf her.

The next meme is all about names:
The name Miewmie uses daily; well my name is Aoise (pronounced Eesha) but Miewmie also calls me pumpkin-wumpkin, darling, aoisshe baby, furry girl. When I first came here I had a prowblem with 'flatulence' so Miewmie called me 'stinky bum'. That has stopped now cos I get only the bestest of food. I wouldn't want you all to get the wong idea about me.

Haf I done this meme thing OK. No good asking Miewmie, she has efen less idea than me and anyway, she is being distracted by Alan Titchmarsh. he he


dennis said...

Dennis was close--he thought your name was pronounced ee-sah.
Denis says they have to change that "Ten year" question to a year ago or something! Dennis likes watching mourning doves (they are pigeons too and they coo coo very nice)
Yogurt, huh? Dennis ate the yogurt while the human went to get a spoon. sLuurp! People-do not leave your food unattended! heh heh

The Furry Fighter said...

hehe...well done Aoise :)
I liked learning more about you.
you sound like an adorable kitty.
now, you did evrything right but you forgot to nominate someone to do the MeMe. once you have decided who you want to nominate head over to their blog and tell them you have nominated them xxx

The Meezers said...

YAY! now we knows how to 'nounce your name!! great answers

Karen Jo said...

It's nice to meet you, Aoise. I enjoyed reading your memes. I am very glad to know how to pronouce your name. You sound like a very interesting kitty.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Aoise, it is nice to meet you! Storm sent us over. We enjoyed reading your meme answers.

Daisy said...

Oh, I am so glad I learned how to pronounce your name properly!

Mr. Echo said...

Yoo did good on your meme and I lurned a lot bout yoo. (Yoo can tag me and Tenny cuz we ain't done it yet.) Sownds like eggsyting times in yur town from the socker ball games. But like yoo I wood sleep thru it all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aoise! I just heard of your blog from Storm and wanted to drop by and say hi. I enjoyed reading about you and how you live.

The Cat Realm said...

I am still laughing about buying your Mom that small car, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, good one!!!!
P.S. Don't forget to post you picture at our reception blog!