Sunday, 18 May 2008

Miewmie greets the cup

Miewmie was owt on the stweets of Portsmouth today to welcome home the FA cup and Harry and the teem. She was in a very big crowd of lots of peeple who were all hollerin, whistlin, waving flags and singing. She said the noise was unbelievable, so good job I was indoors having a quiet nap. According to the box fing at leest harf of Portsmouth was dere along wif my silly miewmie. She came home very escited and tired and is now asleep on the sofer. She is too old for all this escitment !!


Daisy said...

That looks like lots of fun!

The Furry Fighter said...

my Human goes to see Chelsea whenever they win a cup..tomorrow night is the BIG ONE!!!

I have nominated you for a meme :)

Christine and FAZ said...

Well done Pompey!